Therapists and Team

Michelle Wall, Owner, CLMT

Michelle Wall has been doing massage for 26 years. She attended Minneapolis school of Massage and Bodyworks. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, cupping, ear candling, hot stone, seated chair, pregnancy, and injury specific massage.

Michelle lives in Duluth and has been in the twin ports area for over 11 years and loves the area. She enjoys cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking the SHT & COGGS trails. She also enjoys camping, cocktails, and cooking for friends and enjoys eating just as much. Her moto is everything in moderation. She also enjoys spending time with her dog Carlin, cats; Scratch, Sniff, Sisu, and of course her husband Joel.

Why did she chose a career in massage?  She had received a massage as a gift and enjoyed it so much that she decided to enroll in school.  No regrets.

Her favorite part about her business is that she gets to learn so much from her clients.  She loves to see people come out with the weight of the world off their shoulders, in less pain, and a glow that is on their face. She also enjoys helping people feel better and willing to offer up suggestions of other health care providers in the area…we have some great folks to help.

She looks forward to seeing you soon.

Hours:  Monday various, Tuesday 3-8, Wednesday-Friday various. 


Lauren Williams, Manager,CLMT, Social Media Coordinator & Retail Buyer

Lauren graduated from Lake Superior College in 2004 and has been doing massage for over 17 years. She offers deep tissue, relaxation, injury specific and pregnancy massage.

Lauren was born and raised in Duluth, MN. She has two children Luna and Ian and a chocolate lab named Cooper. Lauren is super passionate about self care and living a healthy lifestyle.   

Why did she choose a career in massage? Honestly, it was spur of the moment after taking a year off after high school she decided to enroll in the massage program at LSC after a few friends hinted she would be good at it. She knew after the first day that this would become a passion and a life long career.

What does she love most about her career? Not only is she making someones day that much better and less stressed but most of her clients she has had for over 17 years now. To gain someones trust and get to know them over the years has been a blessing. And seeing the look on the clients face as they open that door is priceless.

Lauren is also a Certified Health Coach, Certified in Gut Health and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner at Balanced Lifestyle Health Coaching.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, E/O Friday and E/O Sunday.

Mandy Felknor, CMT

Mandy Felknor, CLMT

Mandy has been doing massage for 13 years.  She attended Lake Superior College. She offers deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy, hot stone, ear candling, seated chair and couples massages.

Mandy continues to work in the mental health field. She currently works with adults with mental health illness.  She enjoys helping people in the process of continuing to make positive changes in their lives.

Mandy lives in Floodwood with her daughter, two dogs and her 3 legged cat.  She enjoys the outdoors, gardening, reading autobiography’s of the golden age era.  Interests include painting, refurnishing furniture and going to thrift stores.

Why did she choose a career in massage? I was of interest at the age of 17 and different from most of her friends were going to be doing. She thought it would be great to have the skill and flexibility.  She knew immediately when she started at LSC that she had great passion for massage.

What does she enjoy most about her job? She has the opportunity to help people relax, de-stress and make overall improvements in their health overtime with regular massages. I love to learn and meet new people. It makes her day to have a smiling face and a big “thank you” emerge from the treatment room.

Hours: Monday 8:30-3:30, e/o Tuesday 8:30-3:30 & Wednesday e/0 9-3, Friday 9-4 & e/o Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 11-5

Anna Meints, CLMT

Anna  is from Farmington, MN and moved to Duluth a few years ago.

She’s a total bookworm who loves to spend most of her days reading a good book. She also likes to travel/explore new places, outdoor activities like hiking, camping and archery. But most of all she loves to spend time with family and her dogs Rudy and Sterling.

Why did she choose massage?

She wanted a career where she can help others. After seeing and experiencing the benefits massage has to offer, she knew immediately that being a CMT was the right choice.

Anna graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Lake Superior College. She’s been sharing the benefits of massage to her clients ever since by customizing each session to her clients needs.

She offers relaxation, couples, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy, cupping & seated chair.

Hours: Monday 11-5, Wednesday 2-8, Friday 2-8, Saturday 10-4, some Sundays 11-5


Ali Sarberg,  CLMT

Ali received her massage therapy diploma in 2016 from Lake Superior College. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone and pregnancy massage including 2 hour sessions for any modality. She received additional training in gua sha (similar to graston, helps break up scar tissue) and cupping from Adagio Holistic Therapies in St. Paul, MN. Clients are always surprised by the deep pressure she is able to achieve with her small stature.

Ali was raised on a small farm in Finlayson, MN and had dreamed about living like a Laura Ingalls Wilder when she grew up. She attended Bemidji State University where she received a BA in Spanish with a psychology minor.

Her and her husband have always been drawn to the beauty of the north shore and have been happily living in Duluth since 2014. She enjoys cleaning/organizing, thrift and antique shopping, gardening, camping and hiking the Superior Hiking Trail with her husband Matt, son Evander and their Brittany Spaniel Ayva.

Why did she choose a career in massage? Nothing she had studied seemed to be exactly the right fit, until she enrolled in the massage therapy program at LSC. She fell in love with massage therapy immediately. She had always wanted to find a career that allowed her to help others and make a difference in their lives, while still being able to maintain a healthy work/home balance.

What does she enjoy most about her job? She loves helping people! She enjoys developing genuine rapport with her clients and finding a treatment plan that is specific to their needs. She strives to help clients reach an overall sense of well-being whether that be from the hands on therapy, the self care tips she gives to maintain the benefits of your massage or just the presence and genuine care she approaches each session with. She loves being able to see the difference receiving massage has made for her client’s mental, emotional and physical health. 

Hours:  Monday-Friday 8-11am and one Sunday a month 9-2.

Madi Simmons, CLMT

Promoting healing and wellness one day at a time.

Madi Simmons is a graduate of Massage Therapy at Lake Superior College, and is elated to be joining the Infinity Massage team. She is hoping that the friendly and welcoming staff at Infinity will help her to hone and refine her formal education while she continues to invest in her future as a medical massage therapist.

Currently she has plans to attend classes at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and work towards her board examination, while practicing massage in the Duluth area.

She offers relaxation/swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, seated chair, pregnancy, injury specific, ear candling and couples massages, and has discovered a propensity for modalities better treat each unique client and their needs.

Madi has lived in Duluth her entire life and feels that the twin ports area has spoiled her. (She can’t imagine living anywhere without lake or trail access at this point.) As much as she loves the area, she has always had an even greater love of reading, writing, and learning. She began her education at UMD with a focus in Journalism before switching over to the Massage Therapy program at LSC- realizing that there were other ways that she might be better-suited to contribute to the well-being of the community.

During the week she has a second full-time job and spends most evenings curled up with a good book, a great cup of tea, and her two bearded dragons Mushu and Dominic. When she isn’t baking or rolling up her sleeves and delving into the next crafts project (much to her roommate’s annoyance), of course.

Why Massage? Madi maintains that she didn’t choose massage- massage chose her. As long as she’s been able to walk she’s been walking on her grandfather’s back or reaching out and trying to soothe sore shoulders. It only took 20 years for her to realize that massage was her calling and with proper education she could make a living of it. To her, nothing is more satisfying than knowing there is something she can do to ease the strains of daily life, and promote healing of her clients in a direct and positive way.

So if you know anyone who could use some muscle-work. Or if you yourself would like some help reconnecting to your body, please come to Infinity and let our experienced cast of therapists help aid you on your path to wellness. We look forward to working with you.

Hours: Tuesdays 8-2:30, Wednesday 8-5, Thursday 3-8, Saturdays 10-4 and Sundays 11-5

Lynn O’Connor, CLMT

Lynn graduated from Duluth Business University in 2011 with a massage degree and has been successful in her massage career. She offers deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy, ear candling, Raindrop Technique, couples and chair massage.  In 2017 she became a Level II Reiki Practitioner.
Lynn moved from St Paul, MN to Northern MN in 1982, first living in Cloquet, MN before settling in Superior, WI. She has 2 kids, 1 grandson and 1 grand dog. She retired from her accounting job of 26 years to work full time as a massage therapist and healing practitioner, her true passion.
She also enjoys reading, meditation, walks by the lake, spending time with family and friends and traveling. Lynn chose massage therapy late in life but finds it to be very rewarding.
She enjoys relieving her clients from their aches, pains, removing the stress and tension from their lives. She loves getting to know her clients and watching how massage has helped them become more relaxed and stress free. She is always researching new techniques to use on her clients to give them the best massage possible.
Hours: Monday 2-7, Wednesday e/o 9:30-2, Thursday 12-5, Friday 10-3 or 2-6:30 and  one Saturday and Sunday 

Suvi Persons, CLMT

Suvi received her certification in massage therapy from Lake Superior College in 2014 and Finnish College of Sport Massage in 2012. With over 700 hours of training, she has experience in many modalities of massage, including relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish, ear candling, couples,  prenatal, myofascial release, sports massage and joint mobilization concentrating on lower back pain sciatica issues, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome and people with disabilities. She will use hot towels and essential oils. After deep tissue sessions Suvi provides stretches and exercise handouts for her client to take home.

She is also a certified Shindo Instructor (Masunaga’s theory of meridians), bringing knowledge of the Five Elements and Meridians to help her influence a profound balance in each individual. Her mission is to guide clients on a journey into optimizing well-being by taking a whole person approach and exploring the many aspects of life that impact health and wellness. She has an ability to adapt any session to what the client is looking for, often using intuitive guidance, while maintaining a professional and respectful attitude.

Suvi cam to the United States in 2013 from Europe. She was born in Finland. Suvi has lived in many countries in her life, she speaks 4 languages fluently: Finnish, German, Swedish and English. She enjoys being outdoors with her dog Popcorn and loved one, gardening, garden design, good food, strong beer, philosophy and quantum physics, knitting, sewing, traveling discovering other cultures, traditions and languages.

Hours:  Thursday 9-4, Friday 8-2:30, Saturday 8-3 and some Sunday.

Elizabeth “Liz” Chiu, CLMT

Liz was born and raised in the small town of Fosston, MN. Following high school, she moved to Duluth and attended LSC where she completed massage therapy and physical therapist assistant programs. She knew from a young age that she wanted a career where she could interact and build relationships with others and at the same time help improve their lives.
Liz values her time with her husband Marc, her pup and two kitties, family, and friends and enjoys spending time with them whenever she can.   
Liz has found both giving and receiving massage to be relaxing and beneficial for overall health! She believes that taking care of oneself is just as important as taking care of others and massage might be what you need to decrease pain, relax, or recharge. Come on in and give it a try!

Hours: Tuesday 9-2,Thursday 9-2, Friday 2:30-8, E/O Saturday 10-4

Andrea (Andy) Elden,CLMT

Andrea (Andy) Elden graduated from Lake superior college’s massage therapy program in 2016.  She offers relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, couples, myo-fascial release and lymphatic massage. Andy takes an intuitive and empathetic approach to massage and can customize a session to the clients needs

Andy is a Duluth native and mother to two beautiful boys that keep her busy when she’s not working.  When she does get time to herself she enjoys spending it educating herself in other massage and body work modalities and yoga.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” -Rumi

Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 5-8:30, e/o Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 11-5

Sarma Stumbris, CLMT

Sarma believes that the body is your one true lifelong companion and that each person’s relationship with their body can be vibrant. 

Sarma graduated from The Massage School of Saint Paul, MN, with over 750 hours of training. She offers positional release, craniosacral, couples, prenatal, and relaxation massage.

While attending Gustavus Adolphus College Sarma began to realize a fascination with and love for bodies. She studied yoga and aryuveda on campus and in India. After graduating her growing interest in helping others heal drew her to become a certified yoga instructor, and she completed Your Yoga’s 200 hour yoga teacher training course (Minneapolis, MN). Her background in yoga informs her massage technique, and today Sarma especially loves helping women ease tension, prevent injury, feel more alive, and nurture their relationship with their lifelong companion.

Sarma loves running, going for walks, spending time with loved ones, learning all she can from books and podcasts, enjoying strong drinks, and being in the sun and wind.

Hours: Monday 8-2,Tuesday 2-8, Thursday 8-2, Friday 2-8, one Saturday a month 9-4



Amber Hunt, CLMT

Amber has been practicing massage since 2001 and received her certification from Lake Superior College. She offers relaxation, deep tissue/trigger point release, pre/postnatal and couples. 
Amber is from Duluth. She has four wonderful children and a daughter-in-law. Her interests include regional history, baking, herbalism, hiking, gardening, yoga, belly dance, and playing the accordion.
Why did she become a massage therapist? She had an opportunity to choose a new career and stepped into the arena of massage therapy because of the long-term benefits for clients and self. In the program Amber discovered she had a gift for intuitive touch and a love of the technical side of massage. 
What does she enjoy most about her job? The clients and her co-workers. Being able to help others feel better and work in an uplifting environment makes every hour of work fun.

Hours: Monday 9:30-1:30, Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-2, Fridays 9-1 and two weekend shifts a month


Nicole Moeller, CLMT

Nicole Moeller grew up in Sartell, MN. After she graduated high school, she attended the University of North Dakota for psychology and criminal justice.

Nicole moved to Duluth in January of 2015, where she took classes to finish up her associate’s degree at Lake Superior College. She started her holistic journey at LSC and completed 624 hours of hands on training. She didn’t know anything about massage, until she started the massage therapy program. She is very thankful for the opportunity LSC offered her. She is very passionate about massage and knowing she is helping her clients who are in physical pain, who are suffering emotionally/mentally, and allowing them to melt their stress away on her table.

In her free time, she likes to watch the MN Vikings and the MN Wild; she also likes to down hill ski, go on hikes with her friends and family, travel and spending time with her husband Jesse, daughter Loxley and the family cat Mr. Kitty.

Modalities: deep tissue, relaxation/ Swedish, and myofascial release, pregnancy

Hours- Tuesday 9:30-2:30, Wednesday 2-8, Thursday 2-8, Friday 2-8 and one Saturday a month.


Scott Armendariz, CLMT

Scott is a certified massage therapist with six years of professional experience working with chiropractors, physical therapists, and other massage therapists. A graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University’s program with an associate’s degree in massage therapy, he is certified in neuromuscular therapy from the NMT Center, and carries a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Growing up with four siblings and playing soccer from a young age, massage therapy has been a key element in keeping Scott active and off the bench. 
Using a variety of techniques, including swedish-style relaxation massage, trigger-point therapy, cross-fiber friction, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy, he works with your body to reduce scar tissue buildup and decrease symptoms of pain and tightness. Over the course of his experience, Scott has worked with a wide range of patients, from high-intensity athletes like marathon runners, competitive rowers, and skiers, to the general population. In all cases, he incorporates a slow, steady pace that allows areas of restriction and trauma to relax before being manipulated, ensuring the most potential for change and recovery from both acute and chronic issues. 
Originally from Texas, Scott found his way to the Twin Cities in 2002, and finally to Duluth this past summer to attend Lake Superior College’s Physical Therapist Assistant program. In his spare time, Scott can be found watching MN United FC games or on the soccer field playing, quoting his favorite movies and songs, or enjoying summer weather with walks around the lakes and attending concerts.
Hours: Various weekends: 10-4

Oliva Warpula, CLMT

Olivia received her massage therapy diploma from Lake Superior College in 2020. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, and seated chair massage. She grew up in Kettle River, MN at her family’s farm. She graduated in 2017 from Mesabi Range College with a degree in Graphic Design. After a year of doing graphic design, she knew that it wasn’t what she wanted to do. She decided to pursue a career in massage therapy after receiving massage and energy work from a friend. She always knew that she wanted to help people heal in some way, and massage opened up a whole new world of healing to her. She truly believes in the connection between the body and the mind and hopes to help people strengthen that connection within themselves.

Olivia enjoys agate hunting up the north shore, singing, playing guitar and ukulele, diving head first into esoteric books, nature photography, painting, yoga, tackling new recipes in the kitchen, occasionally watching one too many episodes of The Office on Netflix, and cuddling with her cat Kitney Bean.

Hours:  Tuesday 8-2, Wednesday 8-2, Thursday 8-2, e/o other Friday 9-1:30 and Sunday 10-4

Greg Bachinski, CLMT

Greg recently graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Lake Superior College.

Greg offers relaxation, deep tissue, and hot stone massage.

Greg developed a knack for massage as a kid, oftentimes helping his dad out with shoulder massages or a quick stretch after a long day at work (he was paid in Reese’s peanut butter cups back in those days, not applicable today however.)

Greg was born and raised in Duluth, MN and loves spending his time outdoors longboarding, hiking, and golfing. In the wintertime he enjoys snowboarding, skiing, and gaming.

Hours: One Sunday a month.

Destiny Godden, CLMT

Destiny has been doing massage since 2008 after graduating from Rasmussen College with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy. After many years in the field, she has come to find a good balance of relaxation and deep tissue massage. She loves being able to help people feel better and educate them on how massage benefits their lifestyle.

Destiny moved to Duluth in 2016 and has enjoyed living life on the Lake. When she’s not doing massage, she enjoys being out in nature, camping, hiking, photography, and playing video games. Destiny is also currently studying interior design with hopes to open her own business.  She lives with her wife and has a cat named Jake who is too adorable for his own good. In the future, they hope to own some land and have lots of pets.

Hours:  Monday 2-8, Wednesday 8-1:30, Thursday 1-8, e/o Friday 3-8 & e/o Saturday & Sunday 9-4


Francie Kero, CLMT
Francie graduated with her massage diploma from Lake Superior College in 2020. She believes that massage therapy is a powerful practice that can help enhance all levels of wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental and social. Francie values your own body awareness and intellect; she applies her training and intuition to the massage session you desire. 
Francie offers relaxation and deep tissue massage. 
In her free time, Francie enjoys breaking a sweat with family and friends either on the trail, in the gym, or in the sauna. She loves good clean food, sunshine and singing.
Hours: Monday 3-8,Tuesday 4:15-8, Friday 1-7 and one weekend shift a month.
Liz Underwood, Operations Manager
Liz is a Minnesota girl!  In college she completed her BA in Psychology.  Her work background has been in health insurance and chiropractic/massage support work.  She enjoys work most when she can help people while strengthening the operations of a team.  
Liz enjoys life with her four kids: Jameson, Lucia, Colette, and Adah.  She enjoys cooking most when done by her husband, Ryan.  In her free time you’ll find her by the lake, learning to cross country ski, singing random melodies, and enjoying spirited drinks.  

Laurie Corwin, Front Desk Support & Reiki Master

Laurie comes to us in the reception position after being at the Grand Marais Wellness Center for the last 10 years. Having been born and raised in Grand Marais, she has now made the move to the “big city”.
Laurie is also a Reiki master and will be available for appointments for that, as well as ear candling.  She believes wholeheartedly in self-care and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself when guided in that direction.
Laurie enjoys spending time with her three sons and at her favorite place, the family cabin on McFarland Lake in northern Cook County.

Hours: various and by appointment only to contact Laurie about Reiki or Ear Candling please call 218-370-9465


Jenna Podgornik, Front Desk Support

Jenna was born and raised in Duluth, MN with her 3 brothers. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota-Duluth where she studies Political Science and minors in International Studies. After she graduates, she plans to attend law school in St. Paul.

When she is not working or in school, she likes to spend her time outdoors especially with her dogs.

Fun fact about Jenna is that her family has 2 donkeys named (Taco and Burrito) one is skinny, the other a little thicker and 3 goats. 




Abigail Hefter, Front Desk Support

Abigail grew up on the North Shore in Two Harbors, MN with her younger brother and sister. She currently attends the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. After graduation next year, she’ll be heading to law school. 
When she’s not at Infinity, you can find Abigail writing, doing work for the UMD Mock Trial Team, or snuggling her kitty Caroline.





Sarah Stange, Front Desk Support

Sarah was born and raised in Andover, MN, along side her older sister Emma. She is currently starting her junior year at the University of Minnesota Duluth with a major in Marketing. Sarah also plays varsity soccer at UMD and after college she hopes to pursue a career in fashion buying/ merchandising.

In her free time Sarah enjoys traveling, hanging out with her friends, and adventuring through Duluth.








Abigail Menard, Front Desk Support

Abigail is a student at University of Minnesota Duluth studying Marketing. She grew up in in Anoka, The Halloween Capital of the world. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her dogs, family and friends. She loves being by the lake enjoying water activities or just relaxing. 








April Gerard, PT Certifies Level 1 & 2 Schroth scoliosis and kyphosis method


Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin Lacrosse

April is the only PT north of the twin cities who is certified Level 1& 2 in the Schroth scoliosis and kyphosis method. 

Philosophy of care
“I believe in a hands-on approach, listening to patients and using my manual skills and knowledge to figure out what specific exercises to instruct in, and how to help with posture and body mechanics.”

Why April went into therapy
“I had scoliosis diagnosed at age 12. I also had multiple knee surgeries from national ski racing growing up. I had wonderful PTs who helped me return to my sport.”

Favorite advice to give patients
“We can help you. Trust us, work hard and we will encourage you!”

“I love to downhill and nordic ski, kayak, canoe and stand-up paddleboard. I also enjoy nature, walking trails, and going for bike rides, to travel, read and weave rag rugs.”

Interesting fact about April
“I used to travel with U.S. women’s speed ski team to world cup races as a fill-in PT/AT for 6 years.”

Hours:  By appointment