Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine most often found in females, typically diagnosed in their early teens. The condition, which affects 2-3 percent of the population can cause an awkward posture and chronic pain and in some cases requires a back brace or surgical spinal fusing.

For those looking for an alternative and non surgical approach, the Schroth Method can provide excellent results. Developed in the 1920s in Germany by Katharina Schroth, a schoolteacher whose own scoliosis as a teenager had been unsuccessfully treated with braces, the Schroth Method is a nonsurgical option that uses exercises customized to each patient to return the curved spine to a more natural position. The goal is to de-rotate, elongate, and stabilize the spine through physical therapy that focuses on restoring muscular symmetry and postural alignment, breathing into the concave side of the body, and teaching patients to be acutely aware of their posture.

Infinity Massage & Wellness is pleased to have April Gerard, PT as part of our team. April is certified in the Schroth Method and a scoliosis patient herself, which gives her a unique perspective in helping others with the condition.

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